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Pfizer’s Adcetris Shows Promise in Extending Survival for Lymphoma Patients


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Dec 14, 2023
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The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer revealed positive results from a late-stage study showcasing the efficacy of its drug, Adcetris, in prolonging survival among patients diagnosed with the most prevalent form of lymphoma.
The New York-based company, which acquired Seagen for $43 billion last year, has been strategically bolstering its portfolio with targeted cancer therapies. Adcetris, one of the key assets gained through this acquisition, has been pivotal in reinforcing Pfizer’s position in the oncology market. With commercialization rights for Adcetris in the United States and Canada, Pfizer reported total sales of $46 million from the drug in the previous year.

The latest findings from Pfizer’s study represent a step forward in the potential expansion of Adcetris’ usage. The company intends to engage in discussions with regulatory authorities regarding the submission for approval to treat patients afflicted with the most common type of lymphoma. This anticipated approval would mark the eighth indication for Adcetris, further enriching Pfizer’s extensive oncology portfolio, which already encompasses over 25 approved therapies.
The late-stage trial, which evaluated Adcetris in combination with two other drugs, lenalidomide and rituximab, demonstrated statistically significant improvements in extending survival compared to a placebo among patients diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). This form of lymphoma poses a challenge, particularly for patients who do not express a specific protein known as CD30 and experience relapse or fail to respond to standard treatments.

Notably, Adcetris not only exhibited efficacy in extending survival but also showcased positive outcomes in secondary study objectives, including progression-free survival and overall response rate compared to the standard treatment regimen.. The combination therapy of Adcetris with lenalidomide and rituximab displayed promising results, underscoring its potential as a viable treatment option for patients grappling with relapsed or refractory DLBCL.
DLBCL represents a significant healthcare burden, given its aggressive nature and resistance to conventional therapies. With approximately 40% of patients failing to respond to initial treatment or experiencing relapse, the need for effective therapeutic interventions is paramount.
Adcetris has emerged as a standard of care for certain lymphomas and has garnered approval for multiple indications in the United States. Its widespread adoption underscores its efficacy and potential to transform the treatment landscape for lymphoma patients globally.

Moving forward, Pfizer intends to share the comprehensive data from the ECHELON-3 trial with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to support its regulatory filing in the United States. This collaborative effort reflects Pfizer’s commitment to advancing innovative therapies and addressing the evolving needs of patients battling cancer.
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